GeoRacing is an outdoor adventure sport where participants use compatible devices to race through a course of geo-located checkpoints.

Once a racer has completed a course their results can be uploaded to the race website. These results may be used for rankings or other social interactions.

A course is made up of a series of geo-located checkpoints. At each of these checkpoints there may be iBeacons. The concept is that a compatible device would use augmented-reality view to get a direction and distance to the checkpoint. Once a racer is within range of the checkpoint’s iBeacon the view would switch to an iBeacon locator. When the racer is within X meters of the iBeacon they would be presented with the location of the next checkpoint. Finally, when the racer has completed the entire course they would be presented with a congratulations screen with their time/score and options allowing them to upload their results or share them on social media.

Other commercial applications could include:

Virtual tours with businesses providing coupons as tourists pass their shop (via iBeacon). In-store displays that provide additional product information and/or coupons (via iBeacon) I have an Augmented Reality C# iOS application written using Xamarin here:

In the near future I plan on adding iBeacon detection and data access via